Antiscorching Agent PVI 17796-82-6

Antiscorching Agent PVI 17796-82-6

Chemical Name:
N-Cyclohexylthio Phthalimide
Molecular Formula: C14H15NO2S
Molecular Weight: 261.34
Gravity: 1.25-1.35
CAS NO.: 17796-82-6
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage Life: 24months

Product Details


Anti-scorching agent PVI(CTP)


Chemical Name

N-Cyclohexylthio Phthalimide

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Molecular Structure








1) anti-coke agent E n-trichloromethyl thio-n-phenyl-benzene sulfonamide (referred to as anti-coke agent E).It is a kind of special anti - coking agent for vulcanization of light - colored rubber developed by bayer.The advantage of this kind of anti - coking agent is that it will not pollute the rubber in the process of using and will not appear foaming phenomenon when mixing at high temperature.

2) anticoke agent APR n-isopropyl thio-n-cyclohexylbenzothiazole sulfonamide (referred to as anticoke agent APR).Developed by sanshin chemical co., LTD., it is a kind of universal anti-coke agent.This antiscorch agent can be used in most types of rubber.In addition, the anti-coke agent APR has no selectivity for promoters, and most promoters such as thiazole, thiolam, sulfonamide and dithiocarbamate are used for anti-coke, and the best anti-coke performance is obtained when used together with sulfonamide.At the same time, it will not affect the vulcanization speed of rubber, vulcanized rubber properties without adverse effects, so it is known as a full effect of anti-coke agent.

3) the antiscorching agent DITS S, s-diisopropyl -n - (para-toluene sulfonymide) subsulfonymide (DITS) for short.This kind of anticoking agent mainly produces sulfonamide through thermal cracking, and sulfonamide ACTS as the capturing agent of MBT and plays the role of anticoking.The pyrolysis process is carried out by a five-member ring transition state, so the necessary condition for pyrolysis is the presence of a certain amount of hydrogen atoms.

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