Rubber Anti-Reversion Agent KA9188

Rubber Anti-Reversion Agent KA9188

Product Name: KA9188
Molecular Formula: C36H40N2S6
Molecular Weight: 693.11
Appearance: White Powder
CAS NO.: 151900-44-6
Package: 20kg/bag
Storage Life: 24months

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Chemical Name  


Molecular Formula  


Molecular Structure  


Molecular Weight  






 White powder

Assay  %


Ash content %


Oil content %



KA 9188 is for NR, IR, SBR and BR or they

It is also a new type of cross-linking agent with high resistance to vulcanization and is recommended for common use.

In the gauge and semi-effective vulcanization systems, it is used together with sulfur and thiazole or sulfenamide accelerators.



Storage Life 

24 months

It is a general requirement of tire processing industry to reduce or eliminate the green tire vulcanizate by adding special additives or crosslinking agents.Especially in the current load and speed requirements become harsh to improve the heat resistance and resistance to vulcanization of green truck tires become an important topic for tire r & d personnel.The vulcanization systems commonly used for heavy-duty tire rubber are traditional sulfur vulcanization system and semi-effective vulcanization system (SEV). Usually, the tear resistance and dynamic performance can meet the requirements of heavy-duty tire rubber by optimizing the vulcanization system.However, considering the comprehensive properties, such as high tear resistance, low hysteresis, good coking safety and rapid vulcanization, it is necessary to add some special additives.

KA9188 crosslinked vulcanizates perform well in dynamic and static modulus, tensile strength, tear strength, hardness, elasticity, compression deformation, heat production, creep performance and wear factor retention in guthric flexure tests.It is suitable for the production of natural rubber (NR) vulcanized rubber with high resistance to vulcanization.KA9188 forms a thermodynamically stable and flexible mixed crosslinking bond when it is involved in sulfur vulcanization. When it is combined with sulfur and accelerator, the performance of the vulcanized adhesive can be significantly improved. KA9188 dosage is generally 0.5-3 parts.

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