According to the vulcanization conditions can be divided into cold vulcanization, room temperature vulcanization and thermal vulcanization three categories.

- Dec 27, 2018-

1, cold vulcanization can be used for the vulcanization of film products, products in the carbon disulfide solution containing 2%~5% sulfur chloride impregnated, and then washed and dried can be.

2, room temperature vulcanization, vulcanization process at room temperature and pressure, such as the use of room temperature vulcanization glue (mixing glue solution) for bicycle inner tube joints, repair and so on. 3, thermal vulcanization is the main method of vulcanization of rubber products.

According to the difference of vulcanization medium and vulcanization mode, thermal vulcanization can be divided into three methods of direct vulcanization, indirect vulcanization and mixed gas vulcanization.

① Direct vulcanization, the product is directly placed in hot water or steam medium vulcanization.

② indirect vulcanization, products are placed in hot air vulcanization, this method is generally used for certain appearance requirements of strict products, such as rubber shoes and so on. 

③ mixed gas vulcanization, first use air vulcanization, and then switch to direct steam vulcanization.

This method can not only overcome the shortcomings of steam vulcanization affecting the appearance of products, but also overcome the shortcomings due to the slow heat transfer of hot air, and the long vulcanization time and easy aging.