Aircraft Tire

- Mar 28, 2019-

Now we will see a lot of cars on the street. The cars are very common, so everyone is not surprised, but we all know that the tires of the car are inflated, but do you know what the tires of the aircraft look like? ? Many people think that the aircraft's tires are also hollow, but will it explode under strong pressure? Therefore, many people think that the tires of the aircraft are solid, but in fact the tires of the aircraft are also hollow, because the weight of the aircraft is very heavy. If the tires of the aircraft are solid, it will increase the weight of the aircraft. At the time of take-off, the difficulty is relatively high. The main reason is that the gas filled in the tires of the passenger plane and the fighter plane is different, so it is more wear-resistant and durable when taking off or landing, and most of the tires are filled with All are nitrogen.

Moreover, the aircraft's tire requirements are relatively high, both high impact strength and low heat build-up, so the material requirements for aircraft tire manufacturing are relatively high, and the tire pressure is also required to be 4 times the internal pressure. Above, and a tire can only use 250 flights, and then take regular maintenance, an aircraft tire, can be used repeatedly five or six times, that is 1500 flights.

The tires of the aircraft affect the safety of the aircraft, so the tires are very important, and the tires need to be able to continue to use in various high-pressure environments, so the inspection requirements for the aircraft are very strict, even at the airport. After the crew completes the inspection, the captain will also conduct a series of checks before registration to ensure that the aircraft will not have any problems before take-off. The most important thing is that the aircraft must be secured without any loss, otherwise the aircraft will be threatened. The life of all the people inside is safe, so the safety issue cannot be ignored.