Aviation Tires Help Domestic Large-Scale Amphibious Aircraft To Fly Successfully On The First Flight

- Oct 26, 2018-

On October 20th, the first large-scale fire/water rescue amphibious aircraft “Kunlong” AG600, one of the “three big planes” independently developed by China, was successfully launched.

This is another historic moment after the AG600 successfully achieved the first flight on land on December 24, 2017. The front and main landing gears of the aircraft are equipped with the "Three Rings" brand aviation tires developed by Shuguang Institute.

The Shuguang Institute has equipped the aircraft with 2 front tires and 4 main tires, all of which are independently developed by Shuguangyuan. The rated speed can reach 362 km/h.

The AG600 aircraft is a high-performance amphibious aircraft that is being developed in China. The aircraft has many features such as amphibious, large-capacity, long range, moderate lifting range, wide speed range and excellent low-altitude flight performance. The upper part of the "Jilong" AG600 aircraft is an airplane, and the lower body is a ship. The shape is very obvious, which makes people unforgettable. Plus the beautiful blue and white painting can be said to be a veritable high value. In addition, the AG600 is a skill point: it can work under complex meteorological conditions, and rescue 50 sea distressed people at one time; it can pass a 20-second taxi on the water, 12 tons of water, and a single water-fire area. More than 4,000 square meters, to achieve water and fire between the water source and the fire field; it can also complete a number of special tasks such as marine environmental monitoring and protection.