Baling Petrochemical Intellectual Property Protection Boosts Technology Innovations Applying more than 40 patents per year

- Jan 14, 2019-

Recently, Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company Science and Technology Development Office released a message. The company applied for 41 patents in 2018 and 22 authorized patents. Up to now, the company has applied for 751 patents and has been authorized 379, ranking among the best in Sinopec.

In the process of deepening scientific and technological innovation and striving to build a first-class chemical materials enterprise, Baling Petrochemical attaches great importance to and strengthens the protection of intellectual property rights, and promotes the property rights and legalization of innovations involved in the company's main business. The company is currently researching 41 research projects and undertaking 14 research projects (projects) of Sinopec Group. Last year, it developed new products, 15 new grades, and accumulated more than 50,000 tons of new products.

In the past five years, Baling Petrochemical has strengthened its scientific and technological innovations in the five major product chains of refining, thermoplastic rubber, epoxy resin, caprolactam and coal chemical industry. It has applied for more than 40 patents per year and has obtained more than 120 patents. The company recently evaluated 29 results of the 2018 Science and Technology Progress Awards, and applied for 18 patents and 7 authorized projects. The annual economic efficiency, cost reduction and emission reduction have a comprehensive economic benefit of about 370 million yuan.

It is understood that Baling Petrochemical's authorized invention patent "a laminating adhesive and its preparation method" is applied by the company's chief expert Liang Hongwen, etc., which is a laminating adhesive made of special grade thermoplastic rubber SBS. It has the characteristics of good fluidity, strong bonding force and good ink affinity. It overcomes the defects of the existing thermoplastic rubber SBS adhesive, which is easy to appear “light film” phenomenon. It is environmentally friendly and low in cost, meeting the requirements of industrial production and application.

Baling Petrochemical integrates independent development, has applied for a number of patented new technologies, built an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of special thermoplastic rubber industrialized equipment, and produced two series of SIS and SEBS products, achieving “an stability and longevity” for five consecutive years. Production, the average annual efficiency of more than 100 million yuan in the past three years, significant economic and social benefits, is of great significance to the overall improvement of the domestic thermoplastic elastomer device technology level.

Baling Petrochemical for coal chemical industry, caprolactam production of total phosphorus, total nitrogen emissions can not meet the new environmental requirements, coal chemical, caprolactam source sewage to carry out characteristic pollutants, to evaluate the capacity of existing sewage treatment equipment, through the source minus The platoon, biochemical treatment process enhancement, end depth treatment and comprehensive utilization of wastewater have developed a high-nitrogen and high-phosphorus wastewater discharge standard combination process technology to achieve wastewater discharge standards. The project has 4 authorized patents, the technology has reached the domestic advanced level, and the social benefits far outweigh the economic benefits.

The research team of Baling Petrochemical has optimized the benzene distillation system of caprolactam plant through special technology, in-depth research, innovative technical improvement measures, improved the technical level of the process operation, extended the operation cycle, reduced the consumption of the device, and improved the equipment. The quality of caprolactam products is more than 20 million yuan.