Carlyle (Meizhou) Company passed the customs AEO senior certification

- Jan 30, 2019-

On January 18, Guangdong Meizhou Customs held a customs AEO senior certification charter ceremony at Kale (Meizhou) Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Kalai (Meizhou) Rubber Products Co., Ltd. settled in Meixian District in 2007. Through continuous capital increase and technological innovation, it has grown and grown into the largest production base of the American Carlyle Group in the world. In 2018, the company's total industrial output value reached 930 million yuan, completed import and export total of 179 million US dollars, and paid over 63 million yuan in taxes.

It is understood that AEO is the English acronym of Authorized Economic Operator, which means “certified operator”. The AEO system is advocated by the World Customs Organization, and the company has good credit status, law-abiding and security measures in accordance with international customs rules. Implementing certification and accreditation, certified companies can effectively save customs clearance time, improve customs clearance efficiency, and reduce corporate costs.