China Rubber Association's full service industry actively organizes to deal with trade friction

- Feb 02, 2019-

"China Rubber" magazine reporter learned in the China Rubber Industry Association that in 2018, Sino-US trade frictions intensified, the EU is "double-reverse" on Chinese truck and bus tires, and the international trade environment faced by China's rubber industry is extremely severe. China Rubber Industry Association is fully committed. Serve rubber enterprises, actively organize enterprises to deal with international trade frictions, and strive for the rights and interests that enterprises should deserve.

First, on behalf of the tire industry to hire a law firm, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) voted 3:3 to rule that China's passenger and light truck tires have damage to the US domestic industry to submit an appeal to the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeal, pointing out that the judgment is There is an error in the application of the law and the determination of facts. The case is currently entering the relevant trial process.

The second is to represent the tire industry as the defendant involved in the damages lawsuit of the passenger car tires in the US International Trade Court (CIT) to maintain the final result without damage. On February 23, 2017, five members of the US International Trade Commission voted on the industry damage in the final stage of the US anti-dumping and anti-subsidy case against the Huaka Bus. The 3:2 result determined that China exported the truck tires to the United States without the United States. The industry causes substantial damage and threats of damage. However, the US applicant in this case expressed dissatisfaction with the completion of the case of the truck and bus tires without damage, and appealed the ruling to the US International Trade Tribunal. In order to maintain the hard-won victory results, China Rubber Association will continue to actively respond.

The third is to organize the industry to actively respond to the EU's "double anti-" case against Huaka passenger car tires. The main tasks carried out include: defending against alternative countries, establishing a sampling enterprise and industry defense working group, cooperating with the government to fill out the countervailing government questionnaire, and organizing the industry to participate in the European Commission hearings. On October 22, 2018, the European Commission announced the final ruling of the EU anti-dumping case against the Huaka Bus tires. It was determined that the truck and bus tires imported from China had dumping behavior in the EU market and caused substantial damage to the EU industry. Anti-dumping final tax rate. Compared with the initial tax rate, the final tax rate has dropped significantly, with an average decline of around 23%, and the average anti-dumping duty per tire has dropped by about 17 euros.

The fourth is to organize enterprises to actively respond to India's anti-subsidy case against Huaka Bus. On January 29, 2018, the Indian domestic industry filed an application with the Indian investigation authority to initiate a countervailing investigation on the truck and bus tires imported from China. According to the information provided in the application, this application involves more than 70 countervailing projects. The products under investigation are truck tires produced or exported from China. According to China's customs statistics, the export volume during the subsidy investigation period was 60,386.88 tons, and the export value was 1,224.39 million US dollars.

The fifth is to impose tariffs on Chinese products under the US Customs Tariff No. 3 in the US 301 measures, and organize industry applications to exclude card passenger tires from the US tax list. At the same time, the analysis of the impact on the export of conveyor belts, hoses, V belts and other products and other rubber products.