China's new antioxidant synthesis method can be used in rubber application prospects

- May 05, 2019-

A new synthetic method of high performance ester antioxidants developed by a team led by zhang yagang, a young Chinese scientist, has won the gold medal in the 47th international invention fair in Geneva and the invention award from the Hong Kong federation of invention and innovation.

Zhang yagang is currently with the xinjiang institute of physical and chemical technology, Chinese academy of sciences.He said in an interview on the 24th, the award of the patent results creative multiple antioxidant groups embedded in a skeleton, greatly improve the antioxidant capacity.It is mainly used in lubricating oil, plastic, rubber, fiber, cosmetics and other fields due to its high oxidation resistance, low coloration and low toxicity.

According to zhang yagang, the research team used this antioxidant in lubricating oil, and the test data showed that it could increase the antioxidant capacity of the same oil by 130% to 150%."This new antioxidant is very compatible with most organic materials."

According to Shenyang Sunnyjoint,antioxidants are widely used in industry and daily life, because plastics, lubricants, rubber, cosmetics and other processes in the use of oxidative aging phenomenon, antioxidants can effectively inhibit or delay this oxidation process.

The Geneva international invention fair is jointly organized by the world intellectual property organization (wipo) and the Swiss federal government.More than 1,000 inventions from more than 50 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, France and China, were exhibited in this year's invention exhibition, covering the fields of biomedicine, new materials, energy and environmental protection.