Cooper Tire, USW reach tentative agreement at Arkansas plant

- Feb 14, 2019-

Members of the Ark Zacana-Cooper tire and rubber company, the UnitedSteelworksLocal752 of Texas, have reached a preliminary agreement on a four-year labor contract.

Mr. Cooper said in a statement that details would be put on hold until they were submitted to USW members. An approval vote is expected in the next few days. A company spokesman said the company had about 1440 union employees. The company employs about 1700 people in Tkesakana.

A spokesman for USW said the previous deal, which was due to be extended for three years in 2016, was due to expire on January 30 after the failed merger of Cooper and Apollo Tire Ltd.

USW also represents two other manufacturing plants-556 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and 207 in Findlay, Ohio. A spokesman for the company confirmed that these facilities were not included in Cooper. A deal with the local 752.

As with the original Turksakana deal, USW's contract with Clarksdale and Findlay was extended after the Cooper and Apollo merger failed. At the time of the extension, Clarksdale's extended D protocol will last until February 15, while the Findlay extension will last until February 28, 2020.