Customs in these countries in Africa implement mandatory ECTN supervision, otherwise the fines and customs clearance delays shall be borne by the shipper.

- Jun 26, 2019-


The countries that implement the cargo tracking list are: Angola CNCA, Benin ECTN, Burkina Faso ECTN, Mozambique ECTN (BESC), Cameroon ECTN, Côte d'Ivoire COC, Gabon BIC, Guinea ECTN (ICTN), Madagascar BSC, Togo ECTN , Burundi BESC, Chad ECTN, Senegal ECTN, South Sudan ECTN, etc. (Reminder: The countries that carry out compliance certification are: Nigeria SONCAP, Kenya COC, Tanzania PVOC, Uganda PVOC, etc.)

Customers who are reminded to export goods from these African countries must pay attention to this regulation, obtain relevant international ECTN, CNCA and other numbers in time, display them on the bill of lading and manifest, and obtain relevant certificates for the validity of the sign, together with the remaining customs clearance documents to provide to the consignee. The port of destination is used. If the goods are not signed, the goods will not be cleared properly after they arrive in Hong Kong. They face the risk of high fines and even return shipments.

2. The United States attacks the Iranian cyber attack and implements a new round of sanctions

On the 24th, US President Trump signed an executive order at the White House to impose a new round of severe sanctions on Iran. The sanctions are aimed at Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the Office of the Supreme Leader, aiming to limit the financial exchanges between Iranian leaders and the outside world. Special sanctions will cut off the access of Iran’s top leaders, the Office of the Supreme Leader and its related personnel to access financial resources. The day before, Trump stopped a military strike against Iran, but he agreed to a cyber attack on Iran. The targets of cyber attacks include Iranian intelligence agencies and missile launch systems.

3. Recently, we have paid attention to the export of TEMA in Ghana. Recently we received a notice from the local government department of Ghana (CHANA REVENUE AUTHORITY CUSTOMS DIVISION). In order to improve the efficiency of the new terminal in Ghana, customers are required to provide a perfect PACKING LIST during customs clearance. Otherwise, there may be Customs clearance risk.

4. The inspection of the four major ports in Japan has been upgraded, and the port schedule of Osaka Port has been delayed!

The G20 Leaders Summit in 2019 will be held in Osaka, Japan on June 28th and June 29th. During the period of 6.22-6.30, the traffic in Osaka Port Area is forbidden (private cars will be released after inquiry). Due to the close proximity of the venue, most of the trailer companies and warehouses will be seriously affected. Most of the goods can only be delivered to Hong Kong. It will be placed in the port area and will not be processed until after July 1. In addition, the inspection rate of Osaka Port began to increase from mid-May. Therefore, there will be delays in arriving at Osaka Port during this period. Please make arrangements early!