Develop Russia must know customs clearance policy and logistics freight detailed route

- May 31, 2019-

Foreign traders who have exported to Russia know that there are white and gray customs clearance policies in Russia, so what is white customs clearance and what is gray customs clearance?

White clearance: means the way of customs clearance to enter Russia through normal customs inspection, and the normal way of goods circulation.

Grey clearance: the shipper is responsible for delivering the goods to the Chinese customs and passing the inspection smoothly.However, when the consignee receives goods at the Russian port, due to the cumbersome inspection, some links in the middle are solved by the Russian "customs clearance company".These forwarders are approved by the government and their business is to go through customs and collect taxes.Sino-russian trade is a complicated problem. When going through the inspection procedures of "customs clearance company", in order to make profits from it, the customs clearance company will unilaterally modify the types and quantities of goods in the bill of lading.

Most goods exported from China to Russia are cleared through grey customs, which is much faster than normal customs clearance and much cheaper. Grey customs clearance is not only found in Russia, but also in countries like Pakistan.


The mode of transportation

Transportation by land and rail

Enter Russia through durata port/manzhouli port/erlianhot port/alashankou port/suifenhe port;

The rail transport

From Chinese ports to vostochny or Vladivostok (sea cucumber) to enter eastern Russia and inland cities;

Maritime transport

St. Petersburg into western Russia;Or through Ukrainian ports into Ukraine, moldova, belarus and southern Russia;

Air freight

Provide air charter services from all over the country -- Beijing -- Moscow;

To send

The door-to-door service can arrange car, train, plane and other means of transportation to deliver the goods according to the requirements of the guests, and help the guests to deliver the goods to any designated place in Russia.

White customs clearance preparation

Before the goods arrive at the port, the customs clearance agent will sort out the information of the declared goods and prepare the declaration form.The calculation of the general customs clearance fee requires the detailed information of the goods, which includes:

- technical parameters (especially building materials, engineering equipment and so on)

Material -

- packing situation (net weight, gross weight, packing form, quantity, if it is boards, tiles and other goods, the total square meters of packing is generally required)

With these, the clearance agent can determine the most suitable customs code, obtain the optimal value of the customs clearance, and thus calculate the lowest customs clearance cost.Different from other countries, the customs clearance value of goods is determined by the Russian customs, rather than the value of goods themselves.

After the materials are prepared, declare to the Russian customs in the name of the Russian customs clearance company, or the customer can register in Russia for the legitimate company customs declaration, all customs clearance procedures are handled in a formal way.