Develop Russia must know customs clearance policy and logistics freight detailed route

- May 31, 2019-

Foreign traders who have exported to Russia know that there are white and gray customs clearance policies in Russia, so what is white customs clearance and what is gray customs clearance?

Import clearance process

According to the Russian customs code, customs formalities shall be handled at the designated place of the consignor (when exporting) or the consignee (when importing) or the Russian customs office where the branch is located.The handling time shall be the working hours of the customs office stipulated by the Russian state customs commission.

Upon request, customs formalities may be handled at other locations and during non-customs working hours at a double service charge.The Russian state customs commission has the power to decide that certain types of goods and means of transport can only be processed at designated customs offices.Certain commodities can only go through customs formalities after they have gone through animal and plant quarantine, ecological and other inspection.

The necessary documents for customs formalities include:

1. Cargo declaration;

2. Customs value declaration form;

3. License (commodities subject to license and quota management);

4. Certificate of commodity inspection (commodities subject to commodity inspection);

5. The place where the license certificate of the relevant commodities (referring to the commodities under the supervision of the relevant state organs) is applied for is as follows:

A. animal and plant products - animal and plant quarantine bureau, ministry of agriculture;

B. Ionizing radiation products - national epidemic health supervision committee;

C. Non-military weapons and associated explosives - ministry of internal affairs;

D. Radio electronic equipment and high frequency instruments - national communications information commission;

6. Certificate of origin (referring to the country of origin enjoying tariff preference);

7. Documents for paying customs duties and taxes stipulated by law;

8. Import contract registration certificate;

9. Other supplementary documents.

Customs formalities are divided into preliminary formalities and basic formalities.Preliminary procedures refer to procedures that must be completed before the goods are deposited in accordance with a certain customs system and are intended to prevent the importation of contraband and to conduct commodity verification for customs purposes.Basic procedures shall refer to the procedures to be completed by the customs, the customs agent and other persons with full authority over the goods and means of transport after the customs receives the customs declaration.

Imported goods and means of transport which are subject to customs control are usually transported to the customs office where the consignee or his branch is located and customs formalities are completed.The person with full authority over the goods and means of transport shall submit the customs declaration within the time limit prescribed by the Russian customs commission, which shall not exceed 15 days after the submission of the goods to the customs (in the case of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, no more than 10 days).

If the customs confirms acceptance of the declaration, the number of the declaration shall be numbered and the date of acceptance indicated.In case of doubt on the documents and information submitted, the customs shall have the right to ask for supplementary documents and information so as to check the accuracy of the information contained in the customs declaration and the documents submitted.The customs officer shall review the documents and make a decision on release within a period of not more than 10 days (not more than 3 days in the case of perishable goods).

The period mentioned above shall be counted from the date of submission of the customs declaration.Customs declaration shall also be made in advance when goods are transported into GST dutiable goods. The provisional declaration shall be submitted to the customs within 10-30 days prior to the expected transit of the goods and the customs tax deposit shall be deposited into the customs account.The margin rate is determined by order 420 of the Russian state customs commission dated 17 August 1994.

Deposit may not be made under the following circumstances:

The goods are carried by a customs carrier holding a permit of the national customs commission;The goods were transported under the international convention on freight transport, 1975.