Development direction of China's rubber additives industry in 2019

- Jan 21, 2019-

In 2019, China's rubber auxiliaries industry will develop in the direction of environmental protection, high efficiency and versatility.

First, environmental protection. Mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

The first is to eliminate toxic and harmful rubber additives and develop green and environmentally friendly additives.

Second, vigorously develop clean production of rubber additives, including green selection of raw materials, research and development of new additives or new processes, and clean production from the source to reduce environmental pollution.

Third, the rubber additive masterbatch or less dusting to reduce dust pollution and improve the site environment when the product is produced.

Second, efficient. Mainly to improve the level of automated cleaning, improve labor productivity, and achieve intelligent production. Most of China's rubber auxiliaries are in a labor-intensive state. According to statistics, the per capita sales are far from the world's advanced level. In 2019, the intelligent and intelligent production of rubber auxiliaries has become an important issue for many factories.

Third, multi-functional. Mainly for the development of high performance and stable products, new products and environmentally friendly products. Although the output of various rubber auxiliaries in China is more than 70% of the world's total, with the global wave of green tires and green manufacturing, the corresponding development of rubber auxiliaries in China is insufficient and cannot meet the demand.

In 2019, China's rubber auxiliaries industry has already played a pivotal role in the world. It has been in the world's leading level in many aspects of rubber auxiliaries, and many brands have international influence. In the future, China's rubber auxiliaries industry will follow the road of adhering to technological advancement, clean automation, intelligent production, product upgrading and green development, and realize the goal of China's rubber auxiliaries and serve the global rubber industry.