Development trend of environment-friendly recycled rubber softener in China

- Mar 22, 2019-

Environment-friendly recycled rubber refers to the recycled rubber whose heavy metal content conforms to the eu ROHS standard and the content of pahs does not exceed the eu REACH standard.

The research and development and production of environment-friendly recycled rubber in China: first, to meet the requirements of rubber products export and recycled rubber export; second, to meet the increasing environmental protection requirements in China.And many rubber products.Mixed with different proportions of recycled rubber.In order to make these rubber products meet the environmental requirements of foreign countries, as the three rubber sources (natural rubber, synthetic rubber.Recycled rubber must meet the requirements of environmental protection.In recent years, many domestic manufacturers have carried out research and development of environment-friendly renewable rubber, and many enterprises have formed large-scale production. The products are supplied to rubber products enterprises and exported to many countries.

The production of environment-friendly recycled rubber mainly has the following factors to be considered:

Selection of raw materials:

1.Selection of waste vulcanized rubber

The domestic production of all kinds of tires, because of its use, in the bicycle, agricultural vehicles, small engineering vehicles in the tire with recycled rubber proportion is large, although the manufacturers mixed with different proportions, but will be mixed, in the meridian load wheel tire with the least proportion.At present, in the production of domestic recycled rubber, the proportion of the trial coal tar softening penalty is still relatively large, and the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in coal tar is very high. The content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (18 kinds) in the recycled rubber produced with coal tar is 8000-10000ppm.In this case, to produce environmentally friendly renewable rubber, can only use truck radial tire as the raw material.Now some manufacturer in the production of environmental protection is used when reclaimed rubber mount meridian tire tread, some manufacturer with full foetus glue, but it is better to transfer adhesive removal, because in the circle of gum mixed with the proportion of reclaimed rubber manufacturer of some application proportion is large, of course, also can find waste vulcanized rubber latex class, because such products are very low content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in.

2. Selection of softener

At present, the domestic production of environment-friendly renewable rubber softener is mainly used in plant oils, such as pine tar, tole oil, lai seed oil, soybean oil, palm oil and waste oil, and other plant tar.No matter it is toot seed oil, each batch of head should be gun tested, and can only be used after the inspection side is qualified.The ideal application is pine tar, the physical indicators (tensile strength, elongation at break) is better, as the above spot high tasteless environmental protection pine tar.Try plant oil foot kind bate jing had better be to process processing, because plant oil foot moisture is contained I do not blanket is decided, quality of quality of regenerated glue also can have wave motion directly, additional plant oil foot kind because store store, protect, unwarranted still can produce metamorphic boat glad, although much flower fang via content does not exceed bid.But the stench is unacceptable.

Conclusion: with the continuous upgrading and transformation of rubber enterprises, sustainable development is the only choice in the future. The development of environment-friendly rubber softener, elimination of coal tar and other toxic and harmful substances as rubber softener, the use of recycled rubber softening oil will be a big trend.