Domestic rubber fertilizer industry development trend

- Apr 02, 2019-

1、The new environmental protection law promotes the adjustment of industrial structure and the upgrading of clean production technology

Promoting clean production is an important measure to realize sustainable development of rubber additive industry.For rubber additive industry, clean production includes product structure adjustment, clean production process implementation, waste treatment and cleaning of the whole process of product application.By the end of the eleventh five-year plan, the toxic and harmful substances of large varieties of rubber additives in China had been basically replaced, and the greening rate of product varieties reached 92%.With the development of the global green, low carbon economy and the implementation of new environmental laws, adjust the product structure of rubber additives in China is facing a long-term, poisonous and harmful material substitution, promotion of clean production technology, improve pollutant emission standards will help the development of rubber additives industry, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, promote clean production technology.

2、"Made in China 2025" promotes automation, informatization and intelligent manufacturing of rubber additives industry

In May 2015, the state council issued "made in China 2025", comprehensively promoting the implementation of the manufacturing power strategy."Made in China 2025" clearly points out that the research and development of advanced special materials should be strengthened to promote industrial upgrading and sustainable development.At present, China's rubber additives industry production efficiency is still low, China's rubber additives enterprises per capita sales is only about 800,000 yuan, and the world's advanced level gap.To improve the level of automatic production, to the information, intelligent development has become an important way of sustainable development of China's rubber additives industry, but also to achieve China's rubber additives the only way.

3、Innovative r & d to promote technological innovation, new materials to promote industry progress

At present, China's rubber additives industry as a whole innovation and research and development capacity needs to be further improved, new products, new process development is slow, and the gradual improvement of environmental requirements, customer demand diversification, and put forward higher requirements for enterprises in the industry.Special rubber additive is an innovative material to promote the technological reform of tire industry.Rubber additives industry has experienced a hundred years of development, special rubber additives new product research and development will be an important way to promote the progress of the industry in the future, but also the key development direction of China's rubber additives industry.