Dunlop and tennis champion Wang Hao released new high-end car tires

- Apr 05, 2019-

On April 2nd, “Going forward, not stopping” 2019 Dunlop tire new product launch conference was held in Shanghai, Sumitomo Rubber (China) Co., Ltd. Chairman and General Manager Mr. Yamada Naoki and Deputy General Manager Mr. Hamada Hiroshi Representatives attended the meeting and introduced the future development strategy of the Dunlop tire brand and the marketing initiatives in 2019 to the national media. Dunlop's tire brand spokesperson---China's well-known tennis player Wang Wei and the brand side unveiled the high-end flagship new product SP SPORT MAXX 050+ of Dunlop tires, and a live dialogue was shared on the spot.

Actively respond to market changes and continue to deepen the Chinese tire market

As an international brand with a history of 100 years, Dunlop tires have always adhered to the brand spirit of “going forward, not stopping”, and relying on the product concept of “rubber technology, innovation tires” to lead the market and keep on the road of innovation. Since entering the Chinese market in 2002, Dunlop tires have witnessed the rapid development of China's automobile and tire industry. With the changes in the domestic and international economic situation, the company faces new challenges and challenges along with the industry.

Talking about the current challenges, Mr. Yamada, chairman and general manager of Sumitomo Rubber, said that “the overall economy of China remains stable, the domestic demand and product quality improvement space is further released, the foreign investment environment is improved, and the automobile modification market is standardized. It will bring new opportunities for market development. Regardless of the situation, the Chinese market is still an important strategic market for the Dunlop brand."

In 2019, Dunlop tires will rely on the comprehensive advantages of brand, technology, products and services to actively respond to new market changes and continue to deepen the Chinese tire market. By continuously enriching the product matrix and accelerating product upgrades, we are able to provide reliable, high value-added tire products that meet the real needs of consumers in the ever-changing Chinese market.

Mr. Yamada said, “At the same time, we will also use 'service upgrade and customer satisfaction improvement' as our tenet, optimize and innovate through channels and service systems, enhance end-user experience and increase product added value, and enhance brand comprehensive strength. Dunlop brand will be in ' In line with the market and constantly challenge ourselves, we will work with the whole industry to promote the positive development of the Chinese tire market."


New listing of luxury cars, strengthening the high-end product matrix in China

As a leader in the tire industry, Dunlop has been committed to providing high-quality tire products with high added value in line with customer needs through technological innovation and precise insights. With the upgrading of consumption in the Chinese market, in order to meet the quality, diversification and individualized needs of Chinese consumers, Dunlop Tire has launched a new high-performance luxury sedan-SP SPORT MAXX 050+.

This product can set a high standard for high-speed handling, wet-slip braking and comfort and quietness by strengthening the carcass structure, using the new tread pattern optimization design and the new true round matching carcass structure technology. For a more keen control, smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Strengthened carcass structure: The carcass is designed with two layers of strong nylon reinforcing structure, which effectively suppresses the energy loss generated during driving, and achieves superior high-speed handling performance. The enhanced carcass structure also allows the tire to be properly distributed to the shoulder in the contact of the road surface, and the grounding shape is fully optimized to make the control more convenient.

New tread pattern optimization design: The new pattern expands the main groove volume and achieves excellent drainage performance. The use of 4D innovative nano-scale technology, reasonable adjustment of silica filling, improve the fit with the road surface, and made a breakthrough in wetland dynamics.

The new true round matching carcass structure technology: Dunlop's newly developed carcass construction technology - true round matching carcass structure. The overall tread has a smooth circular arc, and the new carcass structure achieves bearing uniformity under the weight-bearing condition of the tire, maintaining a comfortable and quiet driving experience.