Environmentally Friendly Accelerator ZBEC

- Jan 02, 2019-

ZBEC (ZBDC) was first developed by the United States Akron and Compton

Carbamate accelerator, which is not easy to produce carcinogenic nitrosamines, can be used as a substitute accelerator ZDEC (EZ/ZDC), ZDBC (BZ), ZDMC (PZ) and the like.

ZBEC (ZBDC) products have been optimized by several production plants in China after 2008, and can completely replace the use of foreign products. The production and sales of products have grown rapidly. Now the product quality has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers and has become the mainstream in the market. One of the environmentally friendly products, especially the ZBEC products produced by Hebi Yuanhao New Materials Co., Ltd. With the emphasis on and pursuit of health, environmental protection, production and quality of life, the market prospects for environmentally friendly new rubber additives are promising, and the scope and amount of use of the accelerator ZBEC will increase.

1. Product Name: ZBEC (ZBDC, ZTC)

2. Chemical name: zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate

3.CAS NO: 14726-36-4

4.EINECS: 238-778-0

5. Molecular weight: 610.17

6. Properties: soluble in ethanol, benzene and chloroform, insoluble in water.


1. This product is a primary or co-promoter with a very fast vulcanization rate and is an overspeed accelerator. Suitable for natural rubber and

Synthetic rubber, this product is also a very fast accelerator in NR and SBR latex. This product is a safe secondary amino dithiocarbamate accelerator. According to published literature: N-nitrogen Dibenzylamine does not contain carcinogens.

2. Among all the dithiocarbamate accelerators, ZBEC has the longest anti-scorch performance, improved operational safety, and excellent anti-early vulcanization in latex.

3. Its vulcanization activity temperature is low, and its operation is safe. As an environmentally friendly product, it can be used in the products of ZDEC, ZDBC and ZDMC. It is an excellent active agent for thiazole and sulfenamide accelerators. Compared with these three products, ZBEC has a long curing time and ZDEC has the fastest curing time.

4. When the amount is the same, ZBEC is similar to the vulcanizate of other dithiocarbamate products.

5. When ZBEC is used to manufacture articles in contact with food, the FDA 21 CFR 175.105, 177, 2600 and BgVV XXI Class 1-4 regulations are required.