General Manager of Triangle Tire was re-elected

- Mar 01, 2019-

On February 27th, Triangle Tire Co., Ltd. announced that after the board of directors and nomination committee of the company, Lin Xiaobin, the current general manager of the company, will be re-elected for a term beginning on February 27, 2019.

"China Rubber" learned that Lin Xiaobin took up the post on the same day of the previous year. He was also appointed with the deputy general manager Wang Jian, who succeeded Mr. Tang Hongbo who could not continue to serve as deputy general manager due to physical reasons. .

According to insiders, Lin Xiaobin will become the first person in charge of the rotation of the triangle tires. He previously served as the minister of the triangle tire export department, the director of the international trade management center, the assistant to the senior president, the senior vice president, and the global trade and market network construction center. President, CEO of Global Marketing and Network Construction Center, etc.