GM re-signs the new contract to open up a new market for semi-steel

- Jan 21, 2019-

Recently, Jiangsu General Technology Co., Ltd. and A, B, and officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. GM shares intends to further plan its strategic layout in the country through cooperation with the latter to develop its “young” passenger car tire products. Channel map in the market.

According to the signed agreement, the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in tire channel operation, logistics and distribution, Internet of Things warehousing, and automobile service chain. The agreement will be guided by the market and customer needs, and jointly strive to occupy the high ground of the industry.

GM shares will provide more competitive and high-quality products for the A, B and D platform, and create new growth points and explosion points. A and B will be relying on the existing channel operation and automobile service chain to help GM's passenger car tire business. The growth rate of the plate is ahead.

The strategic cooperation between the two parties is based on mutual benefit and win-win. GM shares and A, B and D will build a comprehensive and multi-dimensional comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship by integrating superior resources, in order to strengthen the ability to adapt and grasp in the fierce market competition. Market trends, maintaining rapid development