Hainan comprehensively promotes natural rubber

- Dec 06, 2018-

Natural rubber is a beautiful business card in Hainan and an important strategic material for the country. Hainan has a rubber base of 8.13 million mu, which is an important industrial pillar of Hainan. However, in recent years, natural rubber has been affected by macroeconomic and industrial regulation, and prices have continued to fall. The price of rubber has dropped from 43,500 yuan per ton in early February 2011 to about 11,000 yuan per ton, a drop of 75%. The rubber industry in Hainan has caused a major impact, and the price of rubber has shrunk, which has also caused Hainan rubber farmers to return to poverty and increase the difficulty of the industry to get rid of poverty. In order to stabilize the price of rubber, improve the enthusiasm of rubber farmers, and ensure the income of rubber farmers, Hainan is pushing the province to promote the full coverage of natural rubber prices (income) insurance.

The governor of the clerk gave instructions on the insurance of natural rubber prices (income)

Hainan is an important natural rubber production base in the country. The planting area is 8,432,200 mu, accounting for 45% of the country's total. The total output is 362,100 tons. There are 750,000 rubber farmers. The rubber accounts for 60%-70% of the rubber farmers' income. %. Since February 2011, the price of futures rubber per ton of dry rubber has dropped from 4,350 yuan to about 11,000 yuan, a drop of 75%. The rubber enterprises have lost money, and the income of rubber farmers has shrunk, causing poverty and returning to poverty, seriously threatening natural The survival and development of the rubber industry. In order to ensure that all Jiaonan farmers win the poverty-stricken and well-off society in 2020, the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government actively explored the use of financial and insurance means to solve the price bottleneck in the development of the natural rubber industry. The province implemented the rubber industry poverty alleviation project insurance action and fully implemented the natural rubber price ( Income) The insurance system uses insurance to cover the income of rubber farmers, ensuring that rubber farmers get rid of poverty and become rich.

On November 3, Liu Xingui, secretary of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, stressed in the instructions on the insurance of natural rubber prices (income) that natural rubber is an important agricultural product and strategic material in China, and an important industry for the majority of rubber farmers in the province to increase their income and improve their lives. Hainan Province actively explores the development of natural rubber price (income) insurance, which is conducive to helping the majority of rubber farmers to gradually restore the enthusiasm and confidence of tapping, help stabilize the productive income of rubber farmers, and help support and protect the sustainable and healthy development of the natural rubber industry. It is hoped that the party committees at all levels in the province and the main leaders of the government will attach great importance to it and strictly organize the natural rubber price (income) insurance, which is well-recognized, well-implemented and implemented. It will truly benefit the vast number of rubber farmers in the province and help Hainan. Industrial poverty alleviation work and rural revitalization strategy.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Governor Shen Xiaoming pointed out in the instructions on the insurance of natural rubber prices (income) on November 5 that the implementation of the natural rubber price (income) insurance system is the financial and financial support of the Hainan Province to support the real economy and financial insurance for poverty alleviation. An innovative practice is of great significance to the innovation of the province's agricultural policy insurance system. In Hainan, the problem of excessive rubber price fluctuations has been solved, and the enthusiasm of rubber farmers has been protected, and a considerable number of people have been solved. It is hoped that the relevant departments of the province and the municipal and county governments and insurance institutions will cooperate closely to promote the full coverage of natural rubber price (income) insurance, so that the poor rubber farmers will increase their income, so that the majority of rubber farmers and rubber enterprises will benefit and support the natural nature of Hainan Province. The rubber industry continues to develop healthily.

The province promotes the special price of rubber prices (income) insurance in 18 cities and counties.

On November 20th, Wan Ping, deputy director of the Finance Department of Hainan Province, said in an interview that the rubber price collection and release mechanism has been established. PICC P&C Insurance is the main insurer of the provincial agricultural insurance co-insurance body, giving full play to PICC. The advantages of property and casualty insurance and service network have been fully implemented in the province. The Qiongzhong County Party Committee and County Government actively implemented the work arrangement of the conference and carefully formulated the implementation plan for natural rubber price (income) insurance, which started the first shot in the province.

On October 1st, PICC Qiongzhong Branch issued the first policy in Yinggen Town, which covered the income insurance of 33 households in Xinshi Village Committee. On October 22, the first phase of insurance compensation was 16,794 yuan, directly into the "one card" account of Jiaonong. The village's rubber farmer Pan Lizong, after the insurance, sold 540 kilograms of rubber, and the economic compensation for insurance was 1550.25 yuan. According to statistics, as of November 6, there were 7,08 households in Qiongzhong, including 1,505 poor households. The insured area is 126,306 mu, including 17132 mu of poor households.

The implementation of natural rubber prices (income) not only increased the economic income of rubber farmers, but also allowed rubber farmers to see the hope that the government promoted rubber price insurance.

Up to now, in addition to the two areas where rubber is not planted in Sansha and Yangpu, 18 provincial and county party committee governments that have rubber in the province have conducted special research and arrangements for insurance operations in the region, including: Qiongzhong and Wuzhishan. 8 cities and counties such as Baisha, Sanya, Baoting, Ledong, Suichang and Zhangzhou have already implemented the implementation plan of the region, including Qionghai, Wanning, Lingshui, Chengmai, Ding'an, Wenchang and Haikou. The implementation plan of the city and county has been reported to the municipal government or the government to win the fight against poverty and conduct the study.

The target price is locked at 15 yuan per kg of dry rubber and less than 15 yuan.

According to Zheng Xuewei, Director of the Finance Department of the Provincial Department of Finance, the “Natural Rubber Income Insurance Clause” has been reported and approved by the head office and the Hainan Insurance Regulatory Bureau. The target price of natural rubber is locked at 15 yuan per kg of dry rubber. The insurance premium rate is 12%.

In addition, the business operation process of insurance underwriting and claims is also formulated. For the sake of fairness, the insurance company's claims are matched with the natural rubber price collection and release system implemented by the Provincial Price Bureau, as the basis for insurance claims, according to the rubber ground. The difference between the average value of the purchase price and the target price is compensated, and the rubber farmers are required to purchase the rubber in order to accurately register the quantity for sale in order to claim.

Wang Dafang, a rubber farmer in Xinshi Village, Yinggen Town, Qiongzhong County, gave a thumbs up for this Huimin policy: “The price will be less than 15 yuan per kilogram and you will get insurance company compensation. With rubber income insurance, let us eat by rubber. The peasants have security and they have given us a "reassuring heart."

Insurance underwriting and claims work progressed in an orderly manner

According to statistics, as of November 5, Haijiao Group's natural rubber income insurance coverage of 110,000 tons, providing risk protection of 1.76 billion yuan, has been paid insurance 120 million yuan. The natural rubber price insurance of Qiongzhong County has a total of 126,300 mu of insured, including 17,100 mu of poor households. It benefited 7,088 households of rubber farmers, including 1,505 households of poor households, providing risk protection of 24,162,200 yuan. The first batch of 33 rubber farmers who received insurance received insurance compensation of 16,800 yuan in just 15 days; Baisha County The natural rubber price (income) insurance carried out by the town is 46,000 mu, which benefits 2,777 households (including 874 poor households), provides risk protection of 44.27 million yuan, and has secured insurance compensation of 170,000 yuan, directly benefiting 156 households. Wuzhishan City rubber price income insurance covers 3,909 households, the insurance coverage area is 39,500 mu, and the insurance compensation has been paid in advance of 900,000 yuan; Ledong County has 137 households with insurance coverage of 1,528 mu. In addition, a total of 43,700 tons of rubber in poverty-stricken counties such as Lingao, Baisha, Qiongzhong and Baoting have insured natural rubber futures price insurance.

With the timely redemption of a pen insurance payment, the “government protection of the rubber price is not afraid of the price”, “the more the rubber price insurance, the more the income is cut”, the “insurance to guarantee the income increase” and other promotional slogans. It has been widely praised by Jiaonong at the speed of “one pass ten, ten pass hundred”. The sound of insurance has begun to reverberate in the lush forest. The rubber farmers in Qiongzhong and Baisha actively participate in the insurance of natural rubber prices (income) insurance. The enthusiasm has been stimulated, and some places in Qiongzhong County have even seen the lively scene of rubber farmers lining up to participate in natural rubber price (income) insurance.

Zheng Xuewei introduced that after the rubber farmers had tasted the sweetness of insurance payment, they all expressed their willingness to continue to purchase natural rubber price insurance to protect their rubber harvest revenue in the coming year.