Hand in hand with IoT company Sumitomo rubber propulsion tire control solution service construction

- Jun 04, 2019-

Recently, Sumitomo Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. announced that it has reached a cooperation agreement with IoT Corporation - Japan TripodWorks Co., Ltd. and Taiwan System Electronics Co., Ltd. on the basic business of tire control solution services. Based on this agreement, Sumitomo Rubber will gradually provide tire pressure control solution services with Direct TPMS (Direct Tire Pressure Detection System) and other system solution services based on digital tools to meet the increasingly diversified market and users. demand.

As we all know, mobile travel services such as sharing cars and carpooling have been accepted by more and more consumers, and their users and market scale continue to expand. At the same time, technological breakthroughs such as autonomous driving and vehicle formation have also made many breakthroughs, further accelerating the transformation trend. It can be said that the environment of the automotive industry is undergoing tremendous changes.

As the world's leading tire manufacturer, Sumitomo Rubber has been closely monitoring the changes in the automotive industry environment, and believes that with the development of mobile travel services in the Internet era, the importance of tire and vehicle control services such as automatic tire service and predictive maintenance services will become more important. Prominent. To this end, Sumitomo Rubber has proposed the "Smart Tyre Concept" tire technology development concept, in order to achieve "higher safety performance" and "higher environmental performance." This time Sumitomo Rubber and the excellent Internet of Things companies in the industry to jointly promote the construction of tire control solutions services is of great significance to achieve this core goal and actively respond to market changes. It also means that Sumitomo Rubber is based on this tire technology development concept. A key step in expanding the scope of solution services.

In the future, Sumitomo Rubber will continue to provide efficient tire pressure control solutions based on data such as tire pressure and temperature obtained by Direct TPMS (Direct Tire Pressure Detection System), and will gradually expand tire control solutions through continuous enrichment of functions or third-party services. The program service model will continue to make unremitting efforts to realize the “Smart Tyre Concept”.

As one of Sumitomo Rubber's most important strategic markets, the Chinese market has always been the focus of Sumitomo Rubber. At present, its century-old brand Dunlop tires are highly recognized by Chinese consumers based on good customer reputation and product experience. In order to cope with the new situation of China's auto industry environment and meet the increasingly diverse needs and services of the Chinese market, Dunlop Tire will also adhere to the heart, actively explore and innovate the service model, and effectively deploy the demand for the Chinese market, with the aim of working with the whole industry. Continuously create value for the whole society, for the Chinese market, and create a better future.