Helping “No Waste City”, Qingdao Double Star New Factory will be settled in Anshun!

- May 29, 2019-

On May 24, Qingdao Double Star signed an agreement with the Puding County Government of Anshun City, Guizhou Province, to invest in the construction of a waste green tire green recycling intelligent factory in the county, which is also the company's first waste tire green ecological recycling intelligence After the chemical plant was put into production, another waste rubber industry project was launched.

Qingdao Double Star's recycling project has a total investment of 150 million yuan, covers an area of about 120 acres, and can process 50,000 tons of used tires every year.

After the completion, it will not only further promote the economic development of Anshun City, but also help the construction of “no waste city” in Guizhou Province.

Undertake major science and technology projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology to fill the global gap

Double Star's waste tire green cracking equipment and technology became the only successful bidder in the field of “Solid Waste Recycling” major technology special waste tire recycling in 2018, and was called “high-speed rail project” and practiced by experts in the field. The typical practice of "mountain thinking."

In the project development process, Double Star has cooperated with 9 famous universities such as Southeast University, China University of Petroleum and Qingdao University of Science and Technology, and has gathered the wisdom of more than 100 professors to overcome the 17 key technologies and world problems in the global recycling of used tires. Developed green cracking and carbon black recycling equipment, filled the global gap, and established a demonstration plant for waste rubber (tire) green ecological recycling, achieving zero pollution, zero residue, zero emissions and full utilization of waste tire treatment.

Wash the used tires

Waste tires are called "black pollution", and the harmless and resource-recycling of used tires is a problem that the whole industry and scientists are focusing on. The traditional “soil refining” not only has a low conversion rate, but also the treatment process and residues cause more serious secondary pollution to the environment.

Double-star waste tire green ecological recycling intelligent factory not only realizes the “zero pollution, zero emission” of the treatment process, but also can turn waste tire into “40% primary oil, 30% environmental carbon black, 20%” The steel wire and about 10% of flammable gas have truly achieved "eat dry and squeeze" and become "black pollution" as "black gold".

Double Star's waste tire green ecological recycling demonstration plant program not only has the advantages of industry-leading technology and intelligent equipment, but also adopts modular design and RCOS (remote control operation service) blockchain platform, which has stronger reproducibility. .

After the company started the production of the world's first waste tire green ecological recycling “Industry 4.0” intelligent plant in Minnan, it quickly attracted the attention of many provinces and cities at home and abroad. At the signing ceremony, Chai Yongsen, the party secretary and chairman of the Double Star Group, said that it will rapidly replicate and promote this technology on a global scale, contributing to China's wisdom and Qingdao model for global waste tire processing.