How to choose vulcanization accelerator?

- Jul 15, 2019-

一、Concept and function of promoter

1. Concept

Vulcanization accelerator is referred to as accelerator for short. In the rubber compound with a small amount of accelerator, can greatly promoter the reactioni between rubber and vulcanizing agent (crosslinking agent), which can speed up the vulcanizing reaction speed, shorten the curing time, reduce the curing reaction temperature, reduce the amount of vulcanizing agent productivity or improve the vulcanizing rubber physical and mechanical properties of the coordination agent, known as vulcanizing accelerator.

2. Role

1.1 Shorten curing time, reduce sulfur consumption and lower curing temperature;

1.2 Improve the scorch performance of rubber;

1.3 Good vulcanization flatness of rubber material and improve product performance;

1.4 Improve the appearance quality of rubber products.

二、How to choose promoters?

1. Find the intended purpose and effect of the product;

2. Select the promoter suitable for the products based on various factors;

3. Test and effect analysis of selected accelerators;

Use stable and reliable source of accelerator.