How to do after vulcanization of rubber bubble?

- Apr 11, 2019-

After vulcanization, there are always some bubbles on the surface of the rubber sample, varying in size. After cutting, there are also a few bubbles in the sample.

Cause analysis of bubble on the surface of rubber products

1. Uneven rubber mixing and irregular operators.

2, rubber film park is not standard, the environment is not sanitary.The management is not standard.

3. The material is moist (add calcium oxide when mixing)

4, vulcanization is not enough, not ripe looks like bubbles.

5. Insufficient curing pressure.

6, curing agent impurities more, small molecules of impurities into early decomposition, bubble residual products

7. The exhaust design of the mold itself is not reasonable, and the air cannot be discharged in time when the rubber material is blanking!

8. The product is too thick, too little rubber material, slow heat transfer of rubber, vulcanized appearance, rubber liquidity decline, resulting in a lack of material, so it may produce bubbles.

9. Exhaust gas is not well discharged during vulcanization.

10, formula problem, vulcanization system to improve.

Solution: curing pressure and time to be improved

1, prolong the curing time or improve the curing speed.

2. Several times before vulcanization.

3, vulcanization exhaust times more.