Implementation plan of yunnan province for supporting the development of rubber industry issued

- Apr 29, 2019-

Recently issued by the ministry of industry and information technology of yunnan province hall of "support the development of rubber industry in yunnan province implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "scheme") is put forward, by the year 2020 to the entire province comprehensive rubber industry output value reached 30 billion yuan, modern marketing system basic formation, realizing a complete industrial chain of rubber of rubber farmers, large enterprises, brand and market development.

Natural rubber is an important strategic material for ensuring national security and people's livelihood.Figures show that the self-sufficiency rate of natural rubber in China continues to decline, and the import dependence keeps increasing. Since 2015, the domestic natural rubber output has maintained around 800,000 tons, and the self-sufficiency rate is less than 20%.Yunnan is the largest and best natural rubber production base in China, and natural rubber has developed into an important local industry, making an important contribution to the economic and social development of the rubber plantation area.By the end of 2017, the province had planted 8.66 million mu of natural rubber, accounting for 49.5% of the national planting area of 17.51 million mu. Yunnan has produced 438,000 tons of natural rubber, accounting for 53.8% of the total national production of 814,000 tons. The agricultural output value of natural rubber has reached 6 billion yuan.

Although the planting area and output of natural rubber in the whole province account for about half of the whole country, there are still problems such as the gradual decline in the management level of rubber plantation, the disconnection between natural rubber planting and primary processing of natural rubber, the excess production capacity of primary processing plant of natural rubber, small size of rubber processing enterprises, few product categories and weak overall competitiveness.In this regard, the plan puts forward the general target of "comprehensive output value reaching 30 billion yuan", and also puts forward specific targets from four aspects: natural rubber planting industry, natural rubber primary processing, rubber product industry and comprehensive development of natural rubber industry.

In terms of natural rubber planting industry, the plan makes it clear that by 2020, the planting area of natural rubber in the province will be stable at about 9 million mu, the production area will be 6 million mu, and the annual output of natural rubber will be 600 thousand tons.The rate of improved planting and regeneration of rubber plantation reached 100%, and the ecological rubber plantation, undergrowth species and breeding industry were promoted to form scale and ecological benefits.At the same time, expand overseas rubber resources, overseas cooperative rubber area reached 2.5 million mu, the annual output of natural rubber 150,000 tons.By 2020, the output value of natural rubber agriculture will reach 9 billion yuan, and the per capita annual income of rubber farmers will reach 7,000 yuan.

Around this goal, the plan is put forward to consolidate ascend glue park management level, improve the quality of the natural rubber raw industry development, accelerating the development of rubber processing industry layout, set up perfect supporting service system, improve and expand the rubber rubber industry warehousing logistics system construction, expand rubber trade market influence, strengthen leading role the rubber industry leading enterprises, promote the construction of key projects, improve enterprise technology innovation level, to strengthen the investment promotion and capital introduction the main task of the ten aspects.In the layout of these clear, yunnan, xishuangbanna, natural rubber raw materials distribution center in advantage, the surrounding area in kunming layout construction rubber products production park, vigorously the introduction of domestic famous enterprises rubber products, major development of meridian tyre, duct tape products, building isolation cushion of high added value, such as rubber products.

According to Shenyang Sunnyjoint,The plan also puts forward specific safeguard measures from the aspects of increasing financial subsidy policy, improving the natural rubber insurance system, establishing the rubber industry development investment and financing mechanism, and reducing the financing cost of enterprises.