In 2013, the global rubber additive production exceeded 1.4 million tons.

- Dec 11, 2018-

France and South America also have some rubber auxiliaries production devices, but the scale is very small. 

2013 Global Rubber additives production of more than 1.4 million tons, Chinese products about 1 million tons. Global supply and demand are basically stable, with an average growth rate of about 4-5%, with developed countries and regions such as Europe and the US about 1-2%, while growth in Asia is as high as 8-10%. 

2013 Global antioxidant agent consumption of about 500,000 tons, of which amphetamine accounted for 56%, quinoline accounted for 20%, other antioxidant agent products such as phenols, aniline, phosphate esters and so on are less than 10%. 

The catalyst is about 400,000 tons, of which the dosage of sub-sulfonyl amine is the first, insoluble sulfur yellow about 180,000 tons.