In 2021, Anhui Jiatong officially started the relocation and construction

- Jan 03, 2019-

Recently, the environmental relocation upgrade plan of Anhui Jiatong Tire Co., Ltd. was officially announced on the website of Hefei Economic Development Zone. According to the contents of the plan, Anhui Jiatong is expected to start the construction of the new factory in 2021 and officially relocate in 2023.

The person in charge of the company said that Jiatong Tire will complete the project site selection demonstration, environmental impact assessment, planning and design plan and other preliminary work in 2019; complete the planning review, land approval, land acquisition and construction drawing design in 2020, At present, difficulties are being overcome and the relocation and upgrading work is accelerated.

According to the requirements of the environmental protection department, Anhui Jiatong is implementing the coal-to-gas project. All the production and living coal-fired boilers of the production base will be completely eliminated. In addition, the factory has strictly implemented the production restriction measures according to the regulations, that is, the whole steel tire production limit 40 %, semi-steel tires are limited to 20%.

Anhui Jiatong said that the new plant that Jiatong will build in the future will adopt the most advanced tire manufacturing technology and pollution control equipment. While realizing the high-speed and intelligent development of the enterprise, it can also ensure the synergy between economic development and environmental protection. .

"China Rubber" learned that this imported foreign-funded factory has been opened in Hefei for 25 years. Due to the continuous expansion of the residential area, in order to ensure the quality of life of the people near the factory, Anhui Jiatong is actively implementing environmental protection reform. And relocation work