International Trade Friction Increases The Difficulty Of Tire Export

- Dec 24, 2018-

Since March 2018, Sino-US trade conflicts have intensified, and China's tire products have been included in the US tax list. China is a big foreign trade country for tires, and the United States is also an important market for tire exports. This is especially true. In 2017, the European Commission launched anti-dumping and countervailing investigations on new tires and retreaded tires for Chinese passenger cars. The final ruling results were announced on October 22, 2018. Under the Chinese defense, the final ruling rate has decreased compared to the initial ruling rate. However, the damage is still determined to be 55.07% to 23.41%, and the specific tax is levied between 61.76 and 42.73 euros per tire, which greatly increases the difficulty of exporting Chinese tires. If the case is implemented, the amount of taxation imposed on the Chinese tires by the United States and the European Union will reach more than $8 billion.