Introduction to rubber Promoter Series

- Aug 16, 2017-

The commonly used rubber promoter has six categories:

Thiazole type: M (2-Mercaptan), DM (bis (diphenyl disulfide) and thiazole)

Sub-sulfonamide: CBS (N-ring-based benzene and thiazole amide), Tbbs (n-tert-butyl phenyl and Thiazole secondary sulfonamide), NOBS (n-diethyl benzene and thiazole secondary sulfonamide), DZ (n, N '-two-ring-based benzene and thiazole secondary sulfonamide

Autumn Lamb: TMTD (four-dimethyl disulfide), TMTM (a four-methyl-autumn lamb sulfide), tetd (disulfide, Autumn Lamb), DPTT (Sulphur five-sub-methyl-autumn lamb)

Carboxylic acid salts: zdc (diethyl disulfide), BZ (dibutyl disulfide), PZ (two methyl disulfide zinc (ii) carbamate),

Guanidine type: D (guanidine)