IPPD 6PPD price is increasing and cargo tight supply !

- Jun 19, 2019-

Recently, during the 2019 China Rubber Annual Conference, Tire World Network was informed that the impact of the “321” explosion accident in Jiangsu Xiangshui has affected the tire industry.

Rubber auxiliaries and tire companies, many CEOs, expressed their concerns.

Rubber additives will soon increase in price

On March 21, Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd. in Xiangshui County, Jiangsu Province, violently exploded in production facilities. More than a dozen chemical companies around the company have been implicated.


According to the Tire World Network, the accident has caused huge impacts across the country, directly causing problems in the supply of some raw materials.

The main products of Tianjiayi Chemical include m-phenylenediamine, o-phenylenediamine and p-phenylenediamine.

Among them, p-phenylenediamine is a widely used intermediate, which can be used in the production of various raw materials upstream of tires, such as synthetic rubber and rubber anti-aging agents.

The boss of a rubber auxiliaries company said that Tianjiayi's production capacity was huge, and the accident led to a significant reduction in related raw materials.

He said that although this raw material is mainly used in the pesticide industry, after the accident, other industries will further increase supply difficulties.