JSR Hungary plant SSBR plant put into trial operation

- May 10, 2019-

At the end of April, JSR completed the construction work of JSR MOL, a joint venture company in Hungary, and began trial production of styrene-butadiene rubber (SSBR). After the whole production, the annual production capacity will reach 60,000 tons.

JSR MOL is a joint venture between JSR and the local Hol Hungarian Oil Gas Group. JSR holds 51% of the shares and MOL Group holds 49% of the shares.

JSR's SSBR plant in Japan's Yokkaichi Plant has an annual capacity of 60,000 tons and the Thai plant has an annual capacity of 100,000 tons. Among the total of 160,000 tons, the 20,000 tons capacity of a production line in Yokkaichi City was reserved for research and development, and the actual production capacity was 140,000 tons.

Relevant people believe that JSR's SSBR business will achieve 7% growth this year, then the company's existing production facilities will be fully operational in the second half of the year. JSR MOL was originally scheduled to begin sales in 2017, but due to delays, the current plan is to produce samples in the second half of the fiscal year and then switch to commercial production before the end of the fiscal year.

"China Rubber" learned that the EU's six-country standards for vehicle exhaust are driving the further improvement of tire fuel efficiency and are expected to become a booster for S-SBR sales. In this context, many tire manufacturers began to establish production bases in Eastern Europe.

JSR said that in order to seize market share, the company not only plans to enter the European market, but also plans to enter the US market. The company's goal is to quickly launch new businesses and gain market recognition.