KraussMaffei helps Guilin rubber machine move towards a new era of intelligent manufacturing

- Feb 21, 2019-

From the business plan meeting of Guilin Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2019, it was learned that the German KraussMaffei experts will guide the Guilin rubber machine in terms of improving processing efficiency and optimizing production processes, and assisting Guilin Rubber Machinery to advance the intelligent manufacturing process.

In the past few years, under the guidance of KraussMaffei experts in Germany, Guilin Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. has supplemented the shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, and carried out world-class manufacturing, quality improvement, on-site quality improvement and inventory methods. Improvement projects have achieved remarkable results.

In 2019, the improvement activities continued. Among them, Mr. Peter Wunderlich will be goal-oriented, to meet the production capacity as a breakthrough in production equipment, on the basis of improving and stabilizing product quality, through the application of new tools, tooling fixture optimization, modification and optimization of drawing process design, for enterprises to improve Some new work ideas and working methods are provided in terms of production efficiency. For example, flange studs and fat shaft machining optimization projects have achieved good results, and have been implemented and put into production on new projects; the new energy-saving hot plate processing experiments have obvious effects, which can not only ensure mold heating, but also reduce transportation costs and manufacturing cycle. .

Mr. Stephan Dietz's positive working style and rigorous work attitude have brought different working concepts to the workshop staff. The quality awareness of the workshop staff has not only been improved, but the layout of the workshop has been completely changed. Such as the rivet welding workshop site, the central warehouse logistics site and logistics distribution, packaging improvement and other projects have achieved good results.

Around the company's main product 65-inch mechanical and hydraulic vulcanizing machine, Mr. Klaus Nagel led the R&D team to optimize the structure. After many collisions and discussions of different ideas, the research unified the optimization ideas and clarified the working direction of product structure optimization. An overall implementation plan has been developed. The currently optimized 65-inch mechanical prototype has been trial-produced, and other design optimization projects have been steadily carried out as planned.

In 2019, with the deepening of the integration work, KraussMaffei experts will carry out further continuous improvement of the finishing section of the riveting workshop and the large warehouse site, continuous improvement of final assembly and quality control, and adjustment of equipment layout of the metalworking workshop; continue research, Optimize the structure of the “frame-type” hydraulic vulcanizer and the planning and guidance for the technical transformation investment plan in 2020.