Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory Small Indicators Competition

- Apr 16, 2019-

At 11 o'clock on the morning of April 8, Wang Weiguo, a cohesive and dry job employee of the styrene-butadiene workshop of Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory, received the notice of adjustment of the production load of the internal operation, and then went to the site to influence the use of medium-pressure steam on the coagulation process and the speed of the drying stencil. The main process parameters have been adjusted to optimize the effective utilization of medium pressure steam. This is a microcosm of the employees of Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory actively participating in the small group competition of the team.

In recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, Lanzhou Petrochemical has become the first choice for Lanzhou Petrochemical by occupying the market by reducing production costs and improving product quality due to many factors such as geographical location and limited raw materials. In the process of exploration, Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory fully utilized the work concept of “question thinking, defect management, continuous improvement” and found that around the production center, small indicators were carried out by the team, which could achieve the purpose of saving cost and improving product quality.

In combination with actual production, Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory will include the controllable cost of equipment such as medium-pressure steam and auxiliaries in the scope of small-scale competition activities, and conduct competitions in the group as a unit, and incorporate the results of the competition into performance appraisal. .

According to Feng Xu, production director of the styrene-butadiene workshop of Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory, in March this year, through the medium-pressure steam consumption small index competition, the unit consumption of medium-pressure steam in the installation was lower than the company's assessment value, saving steam of about 1,500 tons, and achieving efficiency. The amount of 170,000 yuan, Wang Weiguo's team, so the small index competition ranked in the former also received a 200 yuan reward.

“The small index competition is carried out on the one hand to reduce production costs, and on the other hand to stabilize production processes and improve product quality.” Li Xianlin, vice chairman of the rubber factory union, said.

In stabilizing the production process and improving the quality of the products, Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory listed the items that can be quantified by the stable units and the defective products output, and achieved daily statistics and monthly analysis and assessment. On the road of branding construction of nitrile rubber, Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory organized a small-scale competition of “finished products and narrowed the niche” in combination with the requirements of improving the intrinsic quality of the products, and united the teams to strictly follow the production requirements and quality inspection results. The process was adjusted in time, and the workshop technicians carried out monthly statistical analysis and on-site guidance adjustment for each component. The finished Mooney range has been reduced from the original median value of ±5 to the current ±3, and the internal quality of the product has steadily increased.

It is understood that there are as many as 15 small-scale competitions in the 6 sets of rubber plants in this year. These small-scale competitions involve environmental protection, production processes and product quality. They aim to compare precision operations and reduce consumption levels through small-scale competitions. , increase efficiency and improve the intrinsic quality of products to maximize the overall benefits.