Limited time 9 months! Guangrao government to solve environmental problems in the industry

- Mar 08, 2019-

According to sources, the Guangrao County Party Committee and County Government of Shandong Province have completed key engineering research conferences, clarifying that in 2019, they will continue to pay close attention to environmental protection issues of rubber tire enterprises, and further promote enterprise waste gas treatment projects, and strive to complete tasks by the end of December. aims.

According to the meeting documents, the environmental protection bureau of the rubber enterprise required by Guangrao County will be promoted by the Environmental Protection Bureau. The goal is that all rubber products, such as rubber mixing, vulcanization process or workshop, can be collected and processed.

In addition, the government also stressed that all processing facilities in production plants that cannot achieve stable discharge of pollutants and meet the needs of production processes need to be upgraded. Enterprises that fail to rectify or refuse to rectify will be fined or even ordered to stop. Punishment.

According to sources, Guangrao County, as a gathering place for industrial enterprises such as tires, has long been plagued by unregulated pollution discharges. The average number of illegal acts investigated and filed every month is more than 15 cases. Many rubber companies have problems due to environmental protection. Was named many times.

"China Rubber" has previously reported that many tire companies "stepped on thunder" in October last year, Shandong Zhongyi, Yongjin Rubber and Sentai Rubber and other rubber companies have violated the solid waste management system and evaded supervision. Air pollutants and other acts were criticized by name, and the amount of punishment for several companies was up to 5.13 million yuan.