List of key projects in Shandong, 2 projects shortlisted

- Feb 01, 2019-

On January 18th, the Shandong Provincial Government Lu Zhengzi [2019] No. 19 document issued a list of 120 key projects in 2019. Two projects related to the rubber industry were short-listed and no tire projects appeared.

From the list, 120 key projects are divided into two categories, one is the key construction project, there are 100, and the other is the key preparation project, there are 20. The total investment of the project is 613 billion yuan.

The two projects and construction contents related to the rubber industry are:

Shandong Haomai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Green chemical equipment continuous flow reactor R & D and industrialization project, after completion, will form an annual production capacity of 150 sets of green chemical equipment continuous flow reactor.

The high-end thermal cracking environmental protection equipment project of Jinan Hengyu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will form an annual production capacity of 35 sets of high-molecular polymer thermal decomposition equipment.

The document requires that all localities should take the lead of new and old kinetic energy conversion projects, conscientiously grasp the construction of key projects, promote the development of the “Top Ten” industrial clusters, and accelerate the shaping of new high-quality development advantages.

It is understood that Shandong Province will adjust the mechanism according to the dynamic adjustment of key projects, strengthen the tracking and effectiveness, and adjust and withdraw the non-conforming items in the middle of the year, and add a batch of new construction projects that meet the requirements.