​Localization of rubber additives

- Nov 14, 2018-

Chinese tire companies must have their own set of core skills if they have their own brands and international brands. We do not remove the introduction of foreign advanced skills, equipment and rubber additives, but these must be used for me, but can not be stuck at critical moments, so localization is very important. In terms of localization, there must be a quantity guarantee, no time and no time, and at the same time, quality is required to be stable, and it cannot be good or bad. If the quantity cannot be ensured and the quality is not stable, it will cause the tire companies to spend a lot of energy to deal with the problems that may occur due to the temporary change of the rubber additives. We emphasize localization and attach importance to localization. Another important reason is price. Foreign rubber additives are expensive, and we have to use them. If the quantity of localized rubber additives is ensured, the quality is stable, the function is excellent, and the price is cheap, it will certainly be welcomed by tire companies. As far as I know, many foreign-funded enterprises are also acquiring various rubber additives produced in China.