Looking for the direction of natural rubber

- Oct 29, 2018-

In 2018, China's natural rubber market started to fluctuate lower since mid-February and bottomed out in mid-June. Then the market was sideways at the bottom for about two months. Although the price of natural rubber market has gradually shifted upwards since late August, the overall trend has not broken the range of shocks. Take domestically produced whole latex as an example. As of October 23, the mainstream price of full latex in Shanghai market is about 10750-10800 yuan/ton. The highest price in the year is 12400-12500 yuan/ton in mid-January. The lowest price is June-August. Within the 9800-9900 yuan / ton.

In October, the natural rubber market returned to a stalemate after a brief shock, and the trading atmosphere in the spot market has become increasingly bleak in the past two weeks. With the gradual closing in October, in the last two months of 2018, how does the natural rubber market trend end? Is it up? Is it down? Or continues to stalemate? Market players have different opinions and different opinions.