Main components of rubber additive pre dispersing

- Oct 08, 2018-

Sunnyjoint master batch goods, Main components of rubber additive pre dispersing as following:

1. Rubber auxiliaries: Pre-dispersed rubber auxiliaries are the main materials, its quality directly affects the quality of pre-dispersed rubber auxiliaries, generally 40% - 80% content. 

2. Carrier: Carrier selection is very important for the production of pre-dispersed rubber auxiliaries master batch/master film. Solubility of rubber auxiliaries in the carrier and compatibility between the carrier and rubber should be emphasized. 

3. Additives: The additives of pre-dispersed rubber auxiliaries include plasticizers, lubricants and anti-adhesive. These additives can improve the dispersibility, storage stability, extrusion appearance quality of rubber auxiliaries and prevent adhesion between pre-dispersed rubber auxiliaries.