Maoming Petrochemical: fully enhance the production of styrene and play a role in efficiency

- Apr 03, 2019-

After the opening of the year, according to market conditions, styrene products are the most profitable products in chemical products. At the end of January, the company held a workers' congress and demanded full production of styrene products. In this regard, the chemical division has set a daily production target of 358 tons/day for the styrene workshop.

In order to implement the requirements of the company and the divisional representative conference, the styrene workshop has tried its best to optimize production, increase production, and strive to create maximum benefits. Since February, styrene production has reached 358 tons/day in 42 days, exceeding 365 tons/day for 6 consecutive days, and March 21st has created the highest daily output of 366.595 tons/day since 1996. Take responsibility.

On January 1, 2019, the company clearly stated: "The quality of the styrene plant in advance as soon as possible to create benefits for the company" requirements. The relevant departments of the Chemical Division immediately made careful arrangements for the maintenance of styrene equipment. The leaders of the four divisions of the safety, maneuver, technology and production departments and the engineers in the special area strictly took the class, controlled and coordinated, and increased the daily operation time and optimization. The fire-fighting project, increasing the number of on-site labor, replacing traditional materials with new materials, optimizing airtightness and starting steps, the maintenance process achieved safety, environmental protection, green, high quality and high efficiency.

Innovatively renovate the sewage pumping process to prevent a drop of oil loss. After the maintenance, oily substances will be discharged into the sewage tank FA-901 during the process. The traditional practice of pumping oil after maintenance is generally to discharge the water tank FA903, and then pump the pump to the high pressure torch separation tank FA801. The cumbersome steps did not achieve closed emissions. During the overhaul, the technicians in the area innovated the problem. In the original process, the temporary hose was used, and the oil in the lagoon was directly pumped by the pneumatic pump. After filtering through the original filter of FA903, it was sent directly to FA801. It can achieve the effect of filtering oil pollution and save the power of starting GA902, so that the styrene-rich oil phase medium existing in the device can be efficiently recovered.

Take more measures to increase the conversion rate of ethylbenzene. During the overhaul process, the main replacement of the main cooler and the adjustment cooler core was carried out in the workshop. After the replacement, the heat exchange effect of the dehydrogenation unit was reduced by 12 °C before the maintenance, and the vacuum degree was stabilized at the optimum value, creating a B. The optimal pressure conditions for the conversion of benzene to styrene; the workshop also continuously communicates with Shanghai Institute, and optimizes the temperature and water ratio according to the initial steps of GS-12, so that the water ratio, temperature and temperature are controlled at the most. In the styrene rectification unit, the workshop has clearly issued an assessment method to ensure the quality of styrene products, and to achieve the goal of everyone paying attention to production and everyone to work hard to achieve high output.

On January 9th, the workshop successfully produced excellent grade styrene products, 4.5 days ahead of the overall planning, achieving a successful driving and achieving stable, high-yield and high-quality styrene products. Subsequently, the three majors of workshop safety, technology and equipment went hand in hand, and optimized from the professional corners to the efficient operation of the equipment. By mid-February, the styrene production reached 360 tons/day, exceeding the design yield of 330 tons/day, 9%. The monthly profit was 22 million yuan.