Maoming Petrochemical successfully trial production of star polymer synthetic rubber new product F430

- Apr 05, 2019-

On March 30, Maoming Petrochemical Chemical Co., Ltd. successfully produced a new star-shaped polymer synthetic rubber F430 in the rubber workshop. The new F430 product has a high molecular weight and high hardness. It has a wide range of applications in the shoe material manufacturing industry. It has higher added value than the current equipment, which improves the device's ability to resist risks.

Since there is no experience to learn from, Maoming Petrochemical carefully organizes the technical backbone of the rubber workshop to work overtime, and concentrates on special research. By discussing the trial production process conditions, the raw material quality is strictly controlled in the polymerization section, the reaction parameters are determined, and according to the condition of the post-processing equipment, The operating current of the extruder and expander is out.

"We are completely based on the 'millet plus rifle'!" said Zeng Kefeng, director of the rubber workshop equipment. The key units of the workshop have been in operation for more than 20 years, and the aging condition is widespread. The technical backbone of the workshop has carefully controlled the process parameters and fully exploited the potential of the equipment to make the new product trial production successful.

It is understood that the production equipment of Maoming Petrochemical Rubber Workshop is a puffing machine. The new product of F430 is an order of magnitude larger than the molecular weight of the products that have been produced in the workshop, and the requirements for the process and equipment are more demanding. Previously, in the same industry, production equipment of similar products was produced by one machine. Maoming Petrochemical Rubber Workshop pioneered the domestic extruder to produce this product.