Mechanism of vulcanization promotion of hypo-sulfonamide

- Aug 16, 2017-

As to the vulcanization mechanism of the secondary sulfonamide promoter in the presence of zinc oxide and stearic acid, it is generally believed that in the process of vulcanization, the promoter molecule breaks at the S-N bond, the group after the break reacts with zinc oxide, and the other part turns into amine. Then, the formation of amine base in the form of a complex agent with zinc salts to produce complexes. The complex can make the sulfur open ring and form a lively vulcanizing agent, and the Polysulfide bond in the vulcanization is further broken under the condition of vulcanization, and the crosslinking of the rubber molecule occurs. The rubber molecule is not cross-linked when the promoter molecule breaks and the cross-linking takes a certain amount of time, that is, the induction period of vulcanization or the time of scorch.