Mechanism of vulcanization promotion of rubber accelerator

- Aug 16, 2017-

The vulcanization mechanism of rubber is still divergent. This is because in the production process of rubber products, the existence of insoluble natural rubber samples and a large number of simultaneous reactions have made it difficult for rubber molecules to become complex polymer networks, and the rubber vulcanization mechanism proposed in the early stage can be divided into two kinds: free radical mechanism and ionic mechanism. Researchers, such as Bacon and Famer, believe that the allyl resonance of rubber makes it easy to replace hydrogen on the adjacent methylene methylene. Therefore, in the vulcanization process of rubber, the sulfur double free radicals to take the hydrogen on the rubber a methylene is the beginning of the reaction. The process of reaction is the free radical process. The Bateman and other people think that the power of the double bond on rubber makes the S8-bond break and decompose into ions, that is, the vulcanization process is the ion reaction process. So far, the study is more mature of thiazole zinc salts and disulfide zinc sulfide promotion mechanism.