Michelin launches new underground mining tires

- Oct 19, 2018-

Since July, the Michelin PRO series of underground mining tires XSM D2+ and XMine D2 have been launched worldwide. The new tires upgrade the sidewall and tread, optimize the carcass design, and use innovative rubber formulations to further reduce the risk of puncture.

The new product uses NRF technology and adds two additional protective layers to the soft sidewall. Both tires can be mounted on loaders and transporters operating in underground mines.

For the pair of tires, the working environment of the underground mine hole is undoubtedly a severe challenge. The tire is more easily scratched by gravel and debris, and it is easy to smash on the tunnel wall. It is worth noting that the clefts and scratches on the sidewall are likely to spread and penetrate into the carcass. Therefore, in this "bad condition" operation, the tire's ability to resist damage is crucial.

Michelin's new PRO series has stronger damage resistance, higher load capacity and longer tire life, which will effectively cope with the tough environment of underground mine operations.

Stronger resistance to damage: Thanks to NRF technology, the sidewall cord is strengthened to reduce sidewall puncture and carcass damage. Two additional support and protective layers in the sidewall, including two layers of crossed nylon threads, are wrapped in special rubber. The nylon wire layer uses a diamond-shaped cross structure, similar to the wood grain in the plywood, to obtain a more ideal anti-damage effect, and to make the tire extra strong and prevent cracks from penetrating into the depth of the tire. In addition, the tread is also designed with a new cable design and improved belt structure to improve the resistance to damage and further resist oxidation.

Higher load capacity: Enhanced the innovative rubber formulation used in the carcass and the labial area to significantly increase the load capacity of the Michelin PRO series of underground mine tires, an increase of 18% over the previous generation. It can also operate in low pressure environments, and reduced internal air pressure reduces the likelihood of punctures.

Longer tire life: With an innovative rubber formula, tire life is significantly extended. Compared to the previous generation of rubber formulations, the new generation has better protection and damage resistance.