Michelin toughened tires landing in China

- May 13, 2019-

Recently, Michelin toughened enhanced tires officially landed in the Chinese market. As an upgraded product of the Toughness Series, the Tough Reinforced Edition inherits the technical genes of toughness and wear resistance, and further upgrades the safety performance, allowing users to maintain peace of mind during long-term use.

Michelin's Resilience Plus is a new rubber formula that combines the filling molecules to provide a better wear resistance and longer tire travel. According to the "Test Results Analysis" issued by China Automotive Research and Inspection Center (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. in September 2018, the wear life mileage of the toughened enhanced version has increased by 25.2% compared with the average of the other five test products, which is in line with many The actual travel needs of the owner.

In a changing climate, the braking performance of wet road surfaces directly affects the safety of travel. As the tire groove is gradually worn, the wet braking performance becomes a short board for the worn tire. The Michelin toughened reinforced tread adds silicon material to form a tighter fit between the tire and the microscopic road surface, further increasing the grounding area, effectively improving the wet grip ability of the tire, thereby shortening the braking distance. According to the Analysis of Test Results, the wetland braking distance of the new version of the toughened version is shortened by 4.86 meters compared with other test competing products, and the wet braking distance of the worn tire is greatly shortened by 10.58 meters.

In addition, the Resilience Plus version inherits the IronFlex technology of the Toughness series. The enhanced sidewall cord effectively enhances the tire's robustness while quickly dispersing the undesired pressure on the sidewall, thus reducing the occurrence of the sidewall bulge. Enhance the tire's resistance to damage.

As Chinese consumers continue to improve their understanding of tires, higher requirements are placed on tire quality. JDPower 2018 China New Car Tire Satisfaction Study pointed out that the proportion of new cars actively replacing tires is decreasing. The proportion of owners who do not change tires unless they encounter normal driving problems has increased by 8 percentage points, and after reaching a certain number of kilometers. The proportion of owners who changed was down by 7 percentage points. At the same time, this year's research data shows that the number of kilometers traveled by new car tires expected by car owners has increased by 0.3 million kilometers compared with 66,000 kilometers last year.