Multi-factor additive rubber additives price unilateral rise, the future is still rising expectations.

- Dec 04, 2018-

Rubber additives is a chain of rubber industry, its upstream raw materials corresponding to salt chemical, coal chemical, petrochemical work, its cheap is the first application of tire work, market demand accounted for about 70%, tape, rubber shoes, hoses and other products occupy the remaining share. From the raw material end, aniline occupies the largest share of all kinds of raw materials, directly used in the production of promoters, anti-aging agents and so on. Other materials used to produce antioxidants, such as diphenylamine, amino-diphenylamine, are also made of aniline as a material.

       Therefore, the trend of the price of aniline has a serious impact on the rubber additives products. It is understood that since the beginning of September 2016, the price of aniline into the rapid rise cycle, to May this year, the average value of the market has risen from 6,000 yuan/ton to 10000 yuan/ton.

       Although the subsequent rapid decline at the end of July to 7500 yuan/ton, but after entering the August, its price again surge, once again touched the high million. It is worth mentioning that the main production base of Aniline in Shandong Province, the recent environmental pressure, many small and medium-sized aniline production enterprises are forced to stop production.

In addition, the large aniline production enterprises in Shandong region to stop detection, reduce load production and other factors, the overall work rate has declined significantly.