Nanyang nanyang chemical high-end rubber protective wax products are sold to Europe

- May 14, 2019-

On May 5, the new special wax product -- 32 tons nytx-205 high-end rubber protective wax developed by nanyang energy & chemical co., ltd. passed the quality inspection and was successfully loaded and delivered.

Nytx-205 rubber protective wax is specially developed by nanyang energy chemical co., ltd. for an internationally renowned tire manufacturer in Europe. It is a high-end rubber protective additive.

The customer to NYTX - 205 rubber protective wax carbon number distribution of new products, heterogeneous hydrocarbon content, carbon peak, indices such as color, freezing point, demanding, carbon number distribution index not only carbon number distribution of each interval values have requirement, also limit the content of a single carbon number, and heterogeneous hydrocarbon content is low, the corresponding is high hydrocarbon content, high freezing point, it has to do with nanyang before the rubber protective wax products indicators can have very big difference.

In order to meet the needs of customers, since November last year, nanyang chemical r&d technicians carefully screened the wax raw material components, repeated experimental analysis and verification, and finally selected eight suitable raw materials from more than 20 kinds of wax raw materials, and determined the proportion of each raw material, and came up with the product formula satisfied by customers.In the production process, the company's r&d technical personnel and the workshop production backbone together, closely watching the scene, the raw material measurement, temperature control, production reaction and other whole-process monitoring, timely guidance adjustment operation, ensure the nytx-205 rubber protection wax new product 12 quality and technical indicators qualified and stable, has been recognized by the customer.As a big supplier of rubber chemicals in North America market, Shenyang Sunnyjoint Chemicals Co., Ltd. will keep an eye on the fluctuate.