Natural rubber options were officially listed in the previous issue.

- Jan 31, 2019-

At 9:00 on January 28, the world's first natural rubber option was officially listed on the Shanghai Futures Exchange. Cheng Hao, deputy director of the China Securities Regulatory Commission's futures supervision department, Li Jun, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Local Financial Supervision, Zheng Wenrong, vice president of the China Natural Rubber Association, and Jiang Yan, chairman of the previous period, successively delivered speeches and jointly launched the natural rubber options trading.

Cheng Hao said that after the natural rubber option is listed, it will provide more detailed risk management tools for related companies, help reduce the cost of natural rubber “insurance + futures” projects, and better serve the country's poverty alleviation strategy and rural revitalization strategy. Li Jun said in his speech that the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center has entered the final sprint stage. Shanghai is making every effort to implement the "three new major tasks" handed over by the Party Central Committee to Shanghai, and strives to promote the resource allocation function of the international financial center. We will make new breakthroughs, accelerate the upgrading of Shanghai International Financial Center's energy level, and comprehensively promote the construction of Shanghai's international financial center. With the listing of natural rubber options, China's on-site derivatives innovation and development will move forward. Natural rubber options will provide more abundant and flexible financial derivatives for related industry chain entities and institutions, and improve the price discovery function of futures markets. It is of great significance to enhance pricing power and enhance the radiation and global influence of Shanghai International Financial Center. Zheng Wenrong said that natural rubber is not only an important industrial raw material, but also a strategic resource. After years of development, the natural rubber futures in the previous period are guiding China's natural rubber production, suggesting operational risks, stabilizing income for producers, and arbitrage for operators. Promoting industrial upgrading has played an invaluable and irreplaceable role. In recent years, the rubber-coated area has used natural rubber futures to achieve significant results in terms of locking profits, managing capital risks, discovering prices, guiding business operations, and increasing the growth of rubber farmers. The launch of natural rubber options has further improved the function of the futures market and satisfied the refined and diversified needs of enterprises. It is another important measure of the vast number of enterprises in the service industry chain, fully in line with market demand and industry expectations.

Jiang Yan said in his thank-you speech that Shanghai natural rubber futures has become the world's largest natural rubber futures market, playing a positive role in price discovery and hedging in service-related industries. As the world's first option product based on natural rubber futures, the listing of natural rubber options will further enrich the connotation of the product diversification strategy centered on the “one main and two wings” in the previous period, further enhancing the ability to serve the real economy. The previous period will strengthen the first-line supervision duties, prevent market risks, and ensure the smooth listing and stable operation of natural rubber options. At the same time, we will do a good job in marketing, training and investment, and promote the deepening of natural rubber “insurance + futures” precision poverty alleviation, and welcome the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China with outstanding achievements.