Nervous at the sound of customs inspection?Pay attention to these points don't make mistakes, don't worry about it!

- Mar 26, 2019-

Close check ark is to be able to produce a few additional expenses, but these expenses are not what custom collects, the condole ark fee that is dock collection however, tear open ark cost to wait for a fee, because be custom examines ability to have this charge, so dock calls these expenses custom examines cost commonly, dock can open regular bill.Therefore, these container inspection fees are paid by the SHIPPER.General customs inspection of goods before there will be inspection notice, inspection will be completed after the inspection report.

Inspection is an important means of customs supervision, and customs declaration is just a procedure. The customs will carry out spot checks on some sensitive product names according to its own experience and policies at that time. Of course, sometimes spot checks are conducted without any reason.When checking, I will open the box to see whether it is consistent with the customs declaration information, such as commodity name, quantity, declared value, etc., whether there is tax fraud, commodity inspection evasion, HS code classification is not correct.

Custom examines goods to have a few directions to want to examine commonly, pay attention to these key points more so, won't make a mistake.

Common error checking problems include:

A. Check the product name

Here is more prone to error is the product name and the common name is easy to get it wrong, and then the English word meaning of the translation of the Chinese name and the actual name of the product sometimes do not match.

B. Check specifications

What is easy to make mistakes is that some factory customers have printed the carton packaging specifications, and there are many specifications, one of the largest and one of the smallest, and then there are some irregular product length specifications, one of the above length and one of the below length.

C. Check the quantity

Is the total quantity, and those prone to errors are underreported and overreported, especially for tax refund. The reason for frequent errors here is that the customs declaration data was made in advance, and the data was changed when the container was loaded, and I forgot to update it.

D. check weight

There are two things that can go wrong with weight.

The first is gross and net weight of bulk goods and actual weight fluctuation margin more than 3%-5%.

The second is that the products priced by weight only know the gross weight, but the net weight is calculated. Many customers have the formula that the gross weight is deducted by the net weight divided by the number of pieces not exceeding 1 or 2 kg to deduce the net weight backwards, which leads to the inconsistency with the actual net weight.

E. check the number of pieces

One of the more error prone areas is that the tail box and samples and gifts are not accounted for.

F. check shipping marks

Some products have marks, some do not, some marks will reflect some products, logo information, if there is must be reflected in the customs declaration.

G. check for infringement

Brand name, imitation brand, label, tag, R Logo, Logo attention to distinguish.

H. Check the final place of production

Is the supply of goods, some factories will be in the packaging is according to some sources of information or product advertising information, especially when they are in a three-way trade error-prone origin or destination information, especially the tripartite trade to Russia, Singapore companies to buy goods from China sold to Russian buyers, suppliers not clear origin information random don't mistake, otherwise shut up.

I. collate

Check the customs code is accurate, more prone to error is the multi-function product classification to be accurate.

G. Check the old and new

Old a lot of things can not be exported, easy to make mistakes is flat cabinet open top cabinet machine open in the rain is easy to let people misjudge is old, there is a lot of things moving immigration cabinet is old.

K. check prices

The corresponding codes of each type of goods imported and exported by the customs have a price range in the customs system. Generally, there are two price ranges, one is the price range of local export ports, and the other is the price limit range nationwide. Especially, the examination and verification of the price is very strict when importing, and it is relatively good when exporting.

L. Sample submission for inspection

This kind is rarer, it is to need the chemical product such as assay that cannot judge through naked eye commonly.

M. Check the body

Check the container truck of the consigned container during transportation between China and Hong Kong.

Inspect the box

Check container, did not check carefully basically, also do not check what problem, it is special ark commonly when examine carefully below.