Popular environmentally product (PEPTIZER A-60) P60

- Jan 31, 2018-

  Plasticizer, Peptizer A60

  Chemical Composition       

  Mixture of Unsaturated fatty acid salt


  Molecular Weight(DBD)                         456.59

  CAS NO.                                         135-57-9



 Beige granule

           Melting point  %


           Density (g/cm 2)  %≤


                  Ash %≤



Properties    P 60, a rubber-soluble fatty acid salt blend that accelerates the physical plasticization of natural rubber.

Uses           A-60 for natural rubber plasticization, can also be used in addition to halogenated rubber, EPDM, IIR all kinds of rubber. Because this product is soluble in rubber, it can start to work at low temperature, so it can be used in one-stage mixing and processing, and it can also reduce the stearic acid or paraffin which is originally used in high quantities. Proposed to join in the mother glue mixing, the recommended dosage of 1.0-5.0 copies.


Package        25kg/bag

Storage Life   24 months  In Cool dry place.